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Personality: Warrior
Homeworld: Antoria
Demeanor: Hostile
Special Ability: Knockback, Fire, Explosion


The Antorians are an aggressive species that prides itself on eating "inferior" species. They have a master queen, the location of which is currently unknown.

Antorian are a race in Star Command. They have been featured primarily as hostile. Although they were featured as a "caller" in the PC/Mac kickstarter trailer video.

They have been confirmed to be the main ANTagonists for the first act of the game by the developers.Although there is one mission it is possible to get a Antorian crew member.

Storyline Appearances (Spoilers!)

On the captain's first assignment, (s)he is sent to Mercury to investigate a distress call from a mining vessel. The mining vessel is critically damaged with no survivors and an Antorian scout is nearby. The captain can negotiate or open fire immediately. Negotiating gives you three conversation options, the first option gives an advantage, while the latter two put the player at a disadvantage.

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Notable Antorians


  • There are three types of Antorian known as of now: the standard Antorian with the normal humanoid appearance, a tougher looking variant physically larger than the standard Antorian with four arms ('Heavy' Ant), and the "Fire Ant," named for its fire spray attack.
  • Both types of their ships encountered by players (scout and battleship) have an insectoid appearance.
  • Known Antorian military ranks include "Warrior Captain" and "Commander Warrior."  "Commander Warrior" is presumably the senior rank between the two as a Warrior Captain commanded a small scout ship while a Commander Warrior commanded a battleship.



Antorian Greeting Three known types of Antorian Antorian Vessel

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