Star Command Wiki
Room Class: Tactical
Token Cost: N/A
Room Size: Standard
Max Crew: 4

"The Bridge is the command center for your ship. It also has room for 4 tactical crew." — In-Game Description


Each ship is pre-equipped with a bridge to which crewmembers may be assigned to function in a tactical role.  Up to four crewmembers may be assigned.


  • Cental Command/Command Center
    • Effect: Hull Walls +25% stronger
    • In-Game Description: "We could have installed it on your ship right out of the dock, but then you would have nothing to upgrade."
    • Token Cost:  1 Tactical Token, 1 Engineering Token
  • Command Display
    • Effect: Shields +20% Capacity
    • In-Game Description: "You may ask 'Why does a display screen improve shields?' Our engineers would respond 'shut up'."
    • Token Cost: 1 Tactical Token, 1 Science Token
  • Crew Innertube
    • Effect: Bridge Crew +15% critical shot
    • In-Game Description: "The innertube improves bridge crew critical shots. It sounds like magic, but really it’s science. And magic."
    • Token Cost: 2 Tactical Tokens


The term 'bridge' originated with Old Earth paddle steamships fitted with a raised walkway (literally a "bridge") providing the ship's captain with an unobstructed view.  As ships (and later spacecraft) evolved, the term 'bridge' was retained for the command center of a vessel.