Captain Renaerel Platt is in command of the S.C.V. Virtue when you encounter her during the mission in orbit of the planet Drib. When the mission starts, Captain Platt states that her ship and crew have been compromised by a Space-Born Entity (SBE). In a desperate move to destroy the creature, she detonates the engines of the Virtue, causing the loss of all hands.


Captain Platt

Dark Matter Universe

Soon after the explosion, your ship receives another transmission from the Virtue. It is Captain Platt and she is begging for help and appears to be posessed by the SBE in a Dark Matter Universe. It turns out that the creature needed to merge with a host in order to share its knowledge and survive. Captain Platt resisted the process, flooding it with radiation and killing her crew. When she is eventually returned to your ship, her condition is irreparable. Before she dies, she admits that she was wrong about the creature and that it is not what it seems...


Captain Platt is brave but unexperienced. She is willing to destroy herself and her ship before attempting to understand the entity which attacks her ship.