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Personality: Varied
Homeworld: Cranus
Demeanor: Hostile
Special Ability: Knockback


This species of cyborgs are known for their presumably indestructible bodies controlled by jars containing the brains of species that they have conquered. The Cortexian's have a strong melee attack, strong enough to throw crew members into the air and send them backwards. They serve the Cortex Overlord.

The Cortexian's intentions are similar to the Cybermen and the Borg: Convert other species into their race. The Cortexians have a procedure where they take the brain of their victim, and place it a glass jar, attached to a steel body which they claim is nearly indestructible. 

The Cortexians have a melee attack, which is strong enough to effectively corner and kill crew members. The Cortexians value brains, and tell the player they will have the brains of you and your crew to convert into Cortexians. They don't take "no" for an answer.


  • Players encounter a Cortexian ship near Cranus.
  • When you encounter the Cortex on Cranus, they offer to convert your crew. The game forces you to decline.
  • This creature is also seened in the game Cortex Command.


Cortex making demands.CortexCortex Vessel

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