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Dodge Generator
Dodge Generator.jpg
Room Class: Engineering
Token Cost: 3 Yellow Tokens
Room Size: Small
Max Crew: 2

 "Fear no more with your brand new dodge facility. Your ship will now have the ability to avoid incoming enemy fire, saving many useless crew members from useless deaths. Engineers rejoice!" — In-Game Description



  • Compugram Logic
    • Effect: Dodge recharge rate +10%
    • In-Game Description: "With the breakthrough of Compugram technology our logic has gone up 700% and our recharge rates 10%."
    • Token Cost: 2 Engineering Tokens
  • Focal Inhibitor
    • Effect: Engineers repair 10% faster.
    • In-Game Description: "'I will now focus the inhibitor on my head to see if my intelligence is improved' - Dr. Cook, shortly before his death."
    • Token Cost: 1 Engineering Token, 1 Science Token
  • Inertia Console
    • Effect: Dodge crew +20% dodge vs aliens
    • In-Game Description: "By giving your crew more inertia, they are more likely to stumble and fall out of the way of alien laser fire."
    • Token Cost: 1 Engineering Token, 1 Tactical Token