Race: Trilaxian, later Cortexian
Gender Male
Demeanor: Hostile
Location Pip

Kooolok is a captain of a Trilaxian Trade Empire vessel.


Kooolok is a captain of a Trilaxian ship near planet Pip. When you meet him, he is kind towards the player, offering many services, including Midorian worker slaves. Bradox ale is offered as well. He asks you to lower your shields and be allowed to board your ship...

If you accept, your shields are lowered, but a fire bomb is teleported onto your ship instead of himself, and immediately detonated. His true intention is revealed, which is to "acquire" human technologies which are in high demand, not actually intending to trade or purchase them from you. He then engages you in combat.

If you decline, his intentions are still revealed, and he will engage you in combat, but no bomb is transported.

When you bring his health down to a certain point, he will activate his hyperdrive and escape.

After his escape from defeat near planet Pip, he is captured by the Cortexians, converted to a Cortexian himself, and is installed as captain on the Cortexian ship. He appreciates the immortality associated with his conversion, however he does lament the feeling of scratching his horns when he no longer has them. He invites you to join him in conversion, and attacks your ship when you refuse.


Kooolok, while presenting an outwardly friendly demeanor, is opportunistic and deceptive.  He secretly is a ruthless collector of highly sought after technologies, who will stop at nothing to get what he doesn't already have.


This ship is blue and yellow and a yellow orb on each side of the ship.


Kooolok ends up being captured by the Cortexians of planet Cranus, and converted into one of the brain-jar robots.

  • If the player travels to planet Pip and meets Kooolok as a Trilaxian before going to planet Cranus, then the leader of the Cortexian ship introduces himself as Kooolok, acting familiar with you.
  • However, if the player travels to planet Cranus before going to planet Pip, the leader of the Cortexian ship never actually introduces himself as Kooolok (but your replies to him as the captain still name him as Kooolok two separate times). Despite you recognizing the Cortexian leader as Kooolok and subsequently destroying the Cortexian ship, traveling to planet Pip after this battle will find Kooolok unharmed and unroboticized and giving his initial introduction as per usual. It is not known what happens to Kooolok after he escapes if the Cortexian ship is destroyed before he is defeated.


If the player does not meet Kooolok at planet Pip before traveling to planet Cranus, the leader of the Cortexian ship does not introduce himself as Kooolok, but the captain names him as Kooolok in the single-branch replies that the player chooses.



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