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Laser Cannon Room
Laser Cannon.jpg
Room Class: Tactical
Token Cost: 3 Tactical Tokens
Room Size: Small
Max Crew: 2

 "Alien scum got you down? Vaporize ‘em with your brand new, laser cannon! From now on the only thing you will be worried about is where to bury all the charred alien remains." — In-Game Description


The laser cannon is presented as the 'basic' weapons room, and is the default when you build on a weapons room.  It is designed to be the easiest to get consistent damage from, though some users claim more consistent results from plasma torpedos.

The laser's mini-game consists of three yellow rings, with a small red ring at top.  At the start of the game, one red dot will circle each larger ring at different speeds.  The objective is to tap each ring as the dot passes through the red ring at the top of the yellow ring.  You can get one hit per 'target' in this way.  The Lasers do  around 30 damage, for a potential total of 90 damage.

They're a relatively weak weapon.  Despite some weapons being harder to use, you only need a fraction of other weapon's potential output to outclass lasers.


  • Encarta Console
    • Effect: Laser +15% recharge rate
    • In-Game Description: "Full-color pictures, multimedia clips, and an included dictionary. Congrats, your lasers are now supercharged."
    • Token Cost: 2 Tactical Tokens
  • Minigame Emulator
    • Effect: +Half a second in laser aiming
    • In-Game Description: "You will have a new target to hit with your lasers after subjecting countless crew to day long minigame simulations."
    • Token Cost: 1 Tactical Token, 1 Science Token
  • Delta Oscillator
    • ​Effect: +15% Laser Damage
    • In-Game Description: "Alpha, Beta, and Charlie oscillators did not improve damage and just killed crew members. This one is different. We think."
    • Token Cost: 1 Tactical Token, 1 Engineering Token