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The planet of Lazarus
System: Tarsus
Native Species: Zombie Cosmonauts like species
Satellite(s): None

Lazarus is a very lush and vegetated planet located in Sector 484. There is a science base located in the in the northern hemisphere, which is operated by the Antorian and Vocar Scientists Dunt and Horus. There also is an Energy cannon located 5 Kilometres from the science base, which is buried in the ground, and is guarded by an energy shield. There is also many creatures similar to the Zombie Cosmonauts found on the Russian Zombie Cosmonaut Ship in the orbit of Mars.

When you arrive, you struck up a conversation with Dunt and Horus, the scientists on the planet's surface. After a while, a mysterious energy cannon fires on your ship, damaging your teleportation systems and causing a large amount of fire to appear on your ship, regardless of shields. The scientists are attacked by an unknown force, and beg for you to bring them to your ship. You must choose between The Vocar Scientist Horus or the Antorian Scientist Dunt. When you teleport one of them to your ship, a second blast from the cannon destroys your teleportation system and prevents you from saving the other scientist.

The remaining scientist survives the attack on his lab, but swears he will get revenge on you and your ship. 


  • The Planet is said to have regenerative properties, but nothing has been proven because it has never been explored, except by scientists, Horus and Dunt
  • According to one of the crew members of your ship, the planet is known to many species
  • Lazarus apparently has a Geomagnetic Field, surrounding the planet's surface