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Machine Gun Room
Machine Gun.jpg
Room Class: Tactical
Token Cost: 2 Tactical Tokens, 1 Engineering Token
Room Size: Small
Max Crew: 2

 "Going alongside the age old wisdom that more bullets are better, we created a room that fires lots of bullets. Genius!" — In-Game Description


Machine guns are potentially the most damaging weapons in the game.  However, they're also the most erratic and finicky, being difficult to get consistent damage out of.  They're the easiest weapon to botch because you don't get a chance at every shot even if you miss others - when you miss one shot, the minigame ends.

The minigame consists of one large ring with small red rings around the perimeter.  A red dot circles the main ring.  Every time the red dot completes a circuit of the ring, it moves faster, making it harder to score a hit and disrupting your timing.  The objective is to tap once every time the red dot passes through a ring.  You can do this up to fifteen times.  Once you miss a ring (or get fifteen 'hits') you have a visual display of two stacks of bullets on the left and right side - two bullets for each 'hit' in the previous minigame.  You have a few seconds to tap yellow circles under each stack - each tap expends one of the bullets.  Each bullet does around 10 damage.  If you score all fifteen 'hits' and manage to expend all thirty bullets, it has the total potential for 300 damage, the highest of any weapon.

The Machine gun has the highest potential damage of any weapon.  However, with it's potential to botch an entire volley with a miss, and difficulty of the minigame, it's difficult to maintain consistent damage.  It's a good weapon for breaking through shields, because the shot that breaks the shield does no hull damage.  Because of the machine gun's low damage per shot, it loses very little damage when breaking a shield.


  • Gun Control
    • Effect: +15% gun damage
    • In-Game Description: "Your weak little guns will be a little less weak with gun control. Now if we could just get bladder control working."
    • Token Cost: 2 Tactical Tokens
  • Tubular Tube Tubs
    • Effect: -10% target speed
    • In-Game Description: "We realize you're slow. Really slow.So we have made our tubular tube tubs slow down targeting. Just for you."
    • Token Cost: 1 Tactical Token, 1 Science Token
  • Power Brick
    • ​Effect: +1 target reticle
    • In-Game Description: "Your aiming will be far less crappy with an additional reticle using the power of stacked bricks."
    • Token Cost: 1 Tactical Token, 1 Engineering Token