Medical Room
Room Class: Medical
Token Cost: 4 Blue Tokens
Room Size: Large
Max Crew: 2
"The patented medical room gives all of your cute blue science crew the ability to bring back crew from the brink of death! Except vacuum death - you're out of luck there." — In-Game Description



  • Gamma Ray Closet
    • Effect: +25% faster revive token production
    • In-Game Description: "In the 25th century coming out of the closet means you can bring people back from the dead. Progress, people."
    • Token Cost: 2 Science Tokens
    • Effect: +8 seconds to revive time
    • In-Game Description: "When a life is on the line, seconds matter. Well, we know you’re incompetent, so we gave you eight."
    • Token Cost: 1 Science Token, 1 Tactical Token
  • Frank's Tank
    • Effect: +50% more revival health
    • In-Game Description: "The problem with reviving someone is that they are weak from being dead. Now they aren’t. Problem solved."
    • Token Cost: 1 Science Token, 1 Engineering Token



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