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Personality: Researcher/Diplomat
Homeworld: Norfoo
Demeanor: Friendly
Special Ability: None


The Midorians are a peaceful species from the Tarsus Sector. They excel at science and seek to cooperate with every race in the galaxy—sometimes at their own peril.

The Midorians are a race of green-colored aliens who are friendly towards Star Command. They appear to wear robes as their uniform with higher ranking Midorians wearing different colored robes than their underlings.

Storyline Appearances

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On the Captain's third mission, they meet a tribe of peaceful Midorians stranded in space after their ship was attacked by Antorians. After taking them aboard the player will meet Princess Saark, the Midorian princess, and an Antorian Dreadnought attacks the player's ship.

After Admiral Micari accuses the player of treason, the player flees to Tarsus. If the player previously allowed Princess Saark to join the crew, they are welcomed by Admiral Gorrn, who extends the regards of the Midorian King but warns that a friendly reception is unlikely in the rest of the system.

Notable Midorians

  • Saark, The Midorian Princess
  • Gorrn, Admiral of the Midorian Central Fleet
  • Silas, Midorian Terrorist


  • Players encounter two types of Midorian vessel: a scout and a battlecruiser.
  • Players can recruit Midorians at Norfoo and increase their rank and skills by gaining experience.



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