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Plasma Torpedo Room
Plasma Torpedo.jpg
Room Class: Tactical
Token Cost: 2 Tactical Tokens, 1 Science Token
Room Size: Small
Max Crew: 2

 "When lasers simply won’t do - use plasma! Plasma torpedoes inflict large amounts of damage but require produced ammunition in order to be fired. Get those tactical officers ready - it’s killin’ time." — In-Game Description


The plasma torpedos are a very powerful weapon, and are almost a must-have in a ship's arsenal.   They are relatively easy to get consistent damage out of, with a very high damage potential.  Some users find them to be more consistent damage sources than lasers.

The minigame consists of a ring that acts as a target.  The player must 'hit' each target in two stages - first a vertical line that sweeps left and right must be stopped in the target, then a horizontal line sweeping up and down.  If either is missed, the target is missed.  This repeats four times, giving  you a total potential of four shots.  Torpedos do around 60 damage each, allowing a total potential of around 240 damage.

Torpedos are very powerful, and any good ship commander should strongly consider this weapon in their arsenal.  They are both very powerful, and easy to target.


  • Anti-Anti Chamber
    • ​Effect: Plasma +15% recharge rate
    • In-Game Description: "By discovering a double negative chamber we have increased our recharge rate. Don’t question it. It's science."
    • Token Cost: 2 Tactical Tokens
  • Quantum Computer
    • Effect: Tactical crew do 10% more damage
    • In-Game Description: "Turns out quantum computing has to be done on computers the size of rooms. Ironic. But you tac crew do more damage."
    • Token Cost: 1 Tactical Token, 1 Science Token
  • Plasmatic Ionizer
    • ​Effect: +20% plasma damage
    • In-Game Description: "By superheating the plasma we allow the ionizer to expel positively charged ... we have no idea how this works."
    • Token Cost: 1 Tactical Token, 1 Engineering Token