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Russian Zombie Cosmonaut Ship


This derelict vessel was encountered in orbit around Mars.  Signals received indicated that it originated from the pre-Star Command Earth nation of the Soviet Union.

Although ancient and outdated by modern standards, it possessed a Soviet teleport system capable of bypassing Star Command shield technology, due to the fact the developers of the shield systems did not think of a scenario like this. You are able visit Mars after the first introduction. This time, it has a functional, but useless and slow, missile defence system. It will still generate zombies. You are able to destroy it, but returning afterwards will spawn another Cosmonaut ship.

The ship's crew were deceased but reanimated as undead men through unknown means.


  • In the dialog associated with this segment of the game, the ship's systems are referred to as "ancient Soviet technology."  The Soviet Union fell in 1991—before the development of teleportation technology. However, the ship may have been launched when the Soviet Union still existed, and they developed the technology on the ship, while it was forgotten by Russia.
  • Despite its small size, it can hold an enormous amount of undead astronauts.