Sentry Room
Room Class: Engineering
Token Cost: 4 Yellow Tokens
Room Size: Large
Max Crew: 2
"I'm sorry did someone say robots? Now all of those nerdy engineers can actually provide defensive capabilities by building temporary sentry robots!" — In-Game Description



  • Whimsical Spinsical
    • Effect: 25% more sentry life
    • In-Game Description: "Much like clothing, adding an extra spin cycle to sentries makes them stronger and hardier."
    • Token Cost: 2 Engineering Tokens
  • Reused CPU Asset
    • Effect: 25% better sentry firepower
    • In-Game Description: "Think of this CPU asset as our sweat-shop's yearly day-off. Shameless? You bet."
    • Token Cost: 1 Engineering Token, 1 Science Token
  • Teredyne R-6000
    • Effect: 25% faster token build rate
    • In-Game Description: "First, was the L-400, then the X-950, and of course the S-9000. This is a cheap ripoff of that amazing machine."
    • Token Cost: 1 Engineering Token, 1 Tactical Token



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