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Star Command

Star Command is a military and scientific organization headquartered in the Sol system.


Star Command is primarily made up of human members although recruitment of Midorians and Trilax becomes available at Norfoo.

Members wear uniforms indicating their division assignment and attain rank according to an established promotion system largely based on 'Old Earth' military tradition.

Assignments are fluid, allowing captains the flexibility to move crewmembers between sections as necessary.


Star Command personnel serve in one of four divisions:

  • General staff (members unassigned to a specific division, including the Admiralty)
  • Tactical (including Bridge officers)
  • Engineering
  • Science

A possible fifth division may exist (represented by members wearing green uniforms) however details are unavailable at this time.


Star Command operates a variety of ship types in the performance of its mission:

Star Command Emblem

The Star Command insignia is a ring with opposing, projecting points (located at roughly the 'two o'clock' and 'eight o'clock' positions) and is reminiscent of a planet with rings seen edge-on.