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Star Command currently allows characters to advance from 'Rookie' up to 'First Officer' by attaining experience points.

Ranks and Experience

  • First Officer (FR) - 900
  • Commander (CR) - 600
  • Lieutenant Commander (LCR) - 450
  • Lieutenant (LT) - 300
  • Junior Lieutenant (JLT) - 200
  • Chief (CHF) - 150
  • Squaddie (SQ) - 90
  • Ensign (EN) - 40
  • Junior Ensign (JE) - 10
  • Rookie (RK) - 0


  • 'First Officer' is typically a position, not a rank, and usually refers to a captain's second-in-command.  The ranking systems of both the Air Transport Auxilliary of the British Royal Air Force and the Women's Royal Naval Service retained a 'First Officer' rank (corresponding to the Royal Air Force rank of Flight Lieutenant and the Royal Navy rank of Lieutenant Commander, respectively).
  • 'Chief' is an abbreviated form of address for Chief Petty Officer, an enlisted (non-commissioned officer) naval rank.  As such, Chiefs are below Ensigns—the lowest naval commissioned officer rank—in standard naval rank structures.
  • 'Squaddie' is a slang term for soldiers of the British Army.