SC Uniforms

Star Command Uniforms

Star Command uniforms indicate crew members' current assignment.  The uniform consists of a jumpsuit and boots for males and a minidress and boots for females.

Uniform Colors

  • White: general Star Command staff not specifically assigned (including members of the Admiralty)
  • Red: Tactical division (including bridge officers)
  • Blue: Science division
  • Gold: Engineering division
  • Green: Unknown at this time. A crewmember of the Star Command medium cruiser Proteus is seen wearing a green uniform
  • Blue-Grey: ship's captains wear a blue-grey tunic with gold trim regardless of division assignment


  • Star Command's uniform style and colors are inspired by Star Trek, specifically Star Trek: The Next Generation and later series which share a similar red (command/helm), blue (science), and gold (engineering/security/operations) uniform color scheme based on service branch.
  • Crewmembers' uniforms change color instantly upon entering a room to which they have been newly assigned.
  • Star Command uniforms are designed with brighter colors up top for energy and darker pants below for chic.