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Zombie Cosmonauts
Personality: Zombie
Homeworld: Earth, Lazarus
Demeanor: Hostile
Special Ability: None

An expedition to Mars launched by the now ancient country of the Soviet Union has led to dozens of Humans on board to turn into zombie-like creatures.


The Soviets aboard the Cosmonaut mysteriously become zombie-like creatures. There are two versions, one with a helmet and one without, although their attack is the same. Their vessel appears to be an old space ship from the 20th century, ruined by centuries of drifting in Mars orbit.


When you engage them the first time, you have 4 minutes for the engines to escape the Soviet teleporter range. In this time, hordes of "zombies" will board your ship, and attempt to kill your crew. Since they are "weak from centuries of starvation", they have low health, and they have a weak melee attack. However, each teleport summons over 12 zombies to a random area in the ships hull. A good survival plan is to have everyone in either the command room or healing bay. Have at least 4 red-clothed crew members for firepower.

Any other visits after that, you can destroy their ship. They will still spawn zombies, so you will need assistance in the weapon rooms. The Cosmonaut itself would now have a functional missile defence system, but it is useless against shielded ships. You can destroy the ship, but it has surprisingly high shield and health for a ship of its age.

Because of the many weak zombies, they are effective in levelling up your crew. Some crew are most likely to level up the first time you encounter the zombies.


  • As of 1.0.1, the battle is immediately won after 4 minutes when replaying the battle.


  • It is possible to destroy the Space Station as of 1.1.1, though it takes considerable effort not to miss a single shot.
  • There also happens to be another group of similar zombie-like creatures. They are found on the planet Lazarus, and will board you ship through unknown means, as they have no ship and instead come straight from the surface of the planet
  • It appears that they have a limp on one of their legs


Different Models of Cosmonauts

"The zombies are hailing us"

Cosmonaut's Vessel